Welcome to Okemah Oklahoma
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Reservation and contact information

Camping and pavilion reservations are available. For information, call 918-623-1050


  • All federal, state, and city laws shall be obeyed.
  • All Persons shall possess a current Oklahoma license or exemption.
  • Noodling for fish is not allowed.
  • No Hunting shall be allowed except waterfowl hunting (only during the season and with a permit).
  • Duck blinds may be placed on a first come, first served basis but must be removed immediately after the season ends.

Rules and Regulations

Lake rules and regulations All Boaters must abide by the Oklahoma Boat and Water Rules, Regulations and Safety Laws issued by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. Class "A" Boats include PWC (Personal Watercraft). It is the responsibility of the boat operator to know the rules of the lake for boat and water safety. There are specific rules and regulations for Okemah City Lake and
all City of Okemah Ordinances shall apply to  the Okemah City Lake.


Daily boat/personal watercraft (PWC) fees are $5.00 and an annual permit is $30.00. Fees can be paid at the Lake Ranger Office. The annual permit is good from Jan. 1 until Dec. 31.
  • Racing Boats and/or boats with exhaust systems which disturb the peace and tranquility of the lake and its surrounding area are prohibited.
  • All Boats shall travel in a counter clockwise direction.
  • All Boats\PWCs shall have a current Okemah Lake Permit.
  • No Boats\PWCs shall be allowed within 150 feet of the swimming area.
  • Operators of Boats\ PWCs shall follow the requirements set in place by state law.
  • No wake shall be allowed within 150 feet of any boat ramp or when passing through the area of the old dam from either direction.
  • No wake speed must be maintained for all nighttime activities.
  • There shall be no PWCs or water skiing/tubing allowed in the "Old Lake", south of the "Old Dam", unless a PWC owner is a dock owner, then an idle speed must be maintained on the PWC directly to and from the dock.
  • A distance of 150 feet shall be maintained from any dock, raft, boathouse, anchored or moored vessel except when proceeding at no wake speed.
  • No person shall operate or give permission to operate parasails, water skis, surfboards, or similar device or any vessel in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life or property of any person.
  • No person shall operate any motorboat, vessel or similar device while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.


  • Camping Space and Pavilion Rental Fees are as follows:
    • RV camping with electric and water -------------------$21.00 per night.
    • Senior rate (age 60 and over) for RV camping -----$18.00
    • Primitive site (without electric or water)---------------$11.00 per night.
    • Senior rate for primitive camping-----------------------$9.00
    • Pavilion sites------------------------------------------------$30.00 per day.
    • Monthly camping rate--------------------------------------$400 per 30-day period (rate not in effect during peak camping season, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, plus other restrictions may apply.)
    • Camping and Pavilion Space Fees shall be paid at the Lake Ranger Office.
    • Camping and Pavilion Spaces may be reserved starting Jan. 1 for the current calendar year by payment in advance at the Lake Ranger's Residence, Route 4, Box 259B Okemah, OK 74859. Please Note, there will be no refunds. Rainchecks are available, but must be requested at least two (2) weeks before the reservation date. To make reservations or for more information, call  (918)623-1050 .
  • Check out time for campsites---5:00 p.m.
  • Camping or other picnic facilities located in the non-fee area (Jaycee Point-Swimming Beach Area) may be used by the public on a first come, first served basis without payment. However, anyone wishing to reserve the pavilion at Jaycee Point will be required to pay the fee as shown above.
  • The entrance gate shall be open from Sunup to Sundown. Gates may be opened earlier or closed later by the Lake Ranger for special events.
  • Exit from the Lake by means of a one-way traffic controller shall be allowed at all times providing all other rules and regulations are obeyed.
  • Each camper or park user shall be responsible for keeping their space clean. Remember, cigarettes and pop tabs are litter.
  • Quiet time shall be observed from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m.
  • Public swimming in the lake park shall be allowed only in the designated area and all swimmers must remain inside of the marking buoys.
  • All pets shall be on a leash at all times.
  • Campsites, trees, rest rooms, or any other lake property shall be protected, not harmed or destroyed.
  • All speed limits shall be obeyed.
  • Glass bottles and containers are prohibited.
  • Fire arms (including air rifles and pellet guns) are not allowed.
  • All illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Those persons causing a public disturbance shall be removed from the Lake area or arrested.
  • Intoxicated persons shall be arrested.
  • Pollution of the lake of any kind is prohibited.
  • No rocks or plants shall be removed from their location.
  • No ATVs allowed in the lake park.