Chamber of Commerce

Each year the Chamber responds to hundreds of inquiries about what Okemah has to offer. We recommend Chamber members when asked about availability of products, services, real estate and rental property. The Chamber is the first stop for many people requesting info regarding the Woody Guthrie Festival and Pioneer Day. We are the distribution point for city and state maps, tourism brochures, phone books, Oklahoma Small Business counseling and general information about Okemah.

Chamber Activities

Updates about our progress will be posted as exhibitions and classes are are scheduled. Online shopping will become available through our upcoming gift shop page, and a gift shop.

  • Local Information
  • Tourism & Brochures
  • Phone Books
  • SBA Counseling
  • State Maps
  • Chamber Luncheons
  • Networking
  • Small Business Development


Okemah Chamber of Commerce & Industry Officials

Together We Grow

  • Alan Oatsvall – President
  • Kathleen Davis – Vice President
  • Kim Shandy – Treasurer
  • Shane Anderson – Board Member
  • Claude Evans (Doc) – Board Member
  • Marilyn Jackson – Board Member
  • Andy Tucker – Board Member
  • Tom Sexton – Board Member
  • Valerie Williams – Board Member